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One thing we have learned over the years is the importance to collectors to have pottery well marked.  Here is a sample of marks a typical piece of our pottery.  Typically Nedra marks the pieces and if size allows, will follow an established pattern.  In the upper left will be the medium used to decorate the item.  In the upper right, the clay type.  In the center is the Frog Point stamp.  The potter's initials are to the lower left of the stamp, and the artist that decorated or glazed the piece to the lower right of the stamp.  Under the stamp is the year it was made.  Any other notations are typically shown under the date if size of the pottery allows.

So, what do the marks all mean? 

Medium or finish of the pottery:

G - Means the decoration is arrived at with Glaze.

UG - Stands for Underglaze.  When this is used there will usually be a coat of clear Glaze over it.

OG - This is for articles that may have Underglaze and / or Glaze, but in a third or fourth firing, a coat of Overglaze is used.

B - These articles are Bisque fired only.  No addition of Glaze or Underglaze is used.

SG- Slip and Glaze are used with this notation.


Clay types:

P - Porcelain

W - White

P/W - Porcelain and White clay have been mixed together.

M - Mixed, this usually is a mixture of a variety of miscellaneous clays.

N (or ND) - This refers to North Dakota or Native clay. 

S - Sculpting clay

ST - Stoneware clay.  Usually this will refer to a very fine ground stoneware, which works well for a variety of products.   We usually don't use the standard stoneware clay, as for our use is more coarse than we wish to deal with.

What about the other marks?

AP - Refers to Artist Proof.  This would be the first of it's type we have done.  Sometimes there will be a number beside or under AP, referring to a sequence.  Sometimes we have to make multiples at one time, so it would be the first glazed and fired, or the best of several new pieces done at the same time.

SPECIAL - We stamp this on items that have some significance, such as a type of clay or glaze.  It can also be an item that has something added (such as gold or platinum trim), or could have been specifically made for an individual.

LEWIS & CLARK - Beginning in 2003 we made a very limited number of items glazed with a "bronze" glaze.  These items were animals journaled by the Lewis and Clark expedition, or have other connection to the group.  Very few of these items were made, as the cost of the chemical to make the glaze took a significant price increase, and we can no longer afford to make the glaze.

There may be times that the marks are not listed in the location shown above.  Usually that means that Ted marked the pieces that day.  That is what happens when a Logical Sequential marries a Random Abstract.



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